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Getting Started


First up....Introductions!

Firstly, I’d like to explain a little about why this platform has been built. I am a day trader who used to trade retail forex before the ESMA ban in July of 2018. 

I felt that the products available after the ban were okay, but the means with which to trade them was poor, I wanted to mix manual and automated trading. I wanted automated money management on manual trading, so I didn’t have to think about my next trade values, take profit or stop losses. was really good at making simple strategies, but more complex pattern detection was impossible. The limitation of 100 trades per session, and a maximum of 60 minutes per session were too restrictive for any safer strategies to function properly. I was able to add in fail-safes to these limitations but they were clumsy.

SmartTrader and WebTrader from are really not very nice to trade with, I just don’t like them, they feel clumsy and there is very little control, at least for me.

Other platforms such as IQ Options were offering products that I didn’t like but their platforms were quite nice.

And so, the idea of BBtrader was born. I would build my own platform that did everything I wanted it to do:

  • Autotrading
  • Manual Trading
  • Money Management
  • Complex Triggers
  • No time or trade count limitations
  • I also wanted to save my Martingale progress in case of crashes or market shifts.

BBtrader is my attempt to build a fully functioning complete trading package for forex traders and options traders who have been blocked from trading by ESMA.

Downloading and Installing on Windows

BBtrader for Windows is pre-compiled. This means you don’t need to run an installer. You just need to download the .zip file, extract it, and then run the bbtrader.exe file.

1. head over to and save the zip file to your computer.

2. right-click over the zip file and select extract all:


3. Choose your location. We would normally use C:\bbtrader but it can be anywhere, there is no set requirement.

4. Navigate to the location you extracted to in step 3, then you can open the application by double clicking on the bbtrader.exe icon.

NOTE: If you want to add shortcuts, right click on the icon and select “pin to start” or “pin to taskbar” to fast access in the future.

5. Depending on your security settings you may see this window. It is not a problem, this is Windows warning you that the application does not have a Microsoft Authorised Publisher. It is safe to ignore this, it is common for smaller developers.

Click “More Info” then “Run anyway”:

Downloading and Installing on Linux

BBtrader for Linux is packaged as a .deb file for simple installation on the most popular distros. You just need to download the .deb file, then double click on it.

1. head over to and save the Linux .deb file to your computer.

2. double click and follow the on screen commands:

3. Use your application finder to open bbtrader, it is installed as a Utility under “Utils” :


NOTE: Some low specification or “stripped down” versions of Debian based distros may return an open file limit error. To fix this error you will need to increase your file open limits in terminal:

sudo nano /etc/security/limits.conf 

then add this to the bottom of the file before the #end of file note:

 *   hard nofile 500000 
 *   soft nofile 500000 
root hard nofile 500000
root soft nofile 500000

Then open /etc/sysctl.conf:

sudo nano /etc/sysctl.conf

and add:

fs.file-max = 2097152

Then run:

sysctl -p

Reboot, and the app will work.

Setting Up and First Use

When you open BBtrader for the first time, you will see a welcome screen which asks you to enter your virtual account token. If you already have this just enter it in the box and click “Agree & Save Tokens” :

If you do not currently have an API token for your virtual account, click on the link labelled Get your Tokens Here or alternatively click HERE to get them now.

When you get to the API token page, you must make sure that you are on your Virtual Account VRTxxxxxx, and you must select at least READ and TRADE for BBtrader to work, as follows:


copy the long code generated named “Token” and paste it in to the token input box on the welcome screen using Ctrl+V

Then click “Accept & Save Tokens. The application will restart and log you in to your virtual account.

Adding your Live Account Token

Now that BBtrader is running with you virtual account, you can add your live account token. Once added you can switch between live and virtual accounts any time you want, without affecting the application at all; you won’t lose any trade history, or settings at all. It will just change the token details for you.

In order to add your live token you will need a token. Follow the guide above to get the token. Then select “Set Live Token”;

Paste your token in the box using Ctrl+V press “test”, it should return authorized, then you can save your token for use in live trading:


copy the long code generated named “Token” and paste it in to the token input box on the welcome screen using Ctrl+V

Then click “Accept & Save Tokens. The application will restart and log you in to your virtual account.

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BinaryBotTrading is not responsible for any losses incurred using it’s platform of any strategy files on the platform. They are merely a tool to help you trade better and more effectively. You are still responsible for using the tools correctly, ensuring the market is good enough to run the strategies, and of course for stopping trading when your losses are exceeding your winnings.